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Sobre When we look at the Xbox One, of course, it would be a great way to combine two generations of hardware and let people play all the games, said the head of Xbox

The new update to the Xbox app makes it possible to stream a long awaited game from your Xbox One console. The Xbox premiere is approaching fast, but on Xbox One, players will get a lot of new products before that happens. Holidays are behind the belt and the decline of the eighth console generation is with them. Through the years, Xbox One has provided us with many great games and services! Games have become extremely inexpensive and affordable thanks to Ea Access and Xbox Game Pass. A good time to catch up on your gaming arrears are the hot days of July and August. Take a look at this list while you're wondering what's worth playing, and don't waste more time. has great games, and the capabilities of the hybrid console make it reach millions of players around the world. It has remained the best-selling console in the United States for twenty-two months.

PlayStation Store is the official store with digital games for consoles from the PlayStation family. I was just describing the Halloween sale of games for PlayStation 4, and meanwhile Sony has launched another offer. This time we are dealing with a popular promotion, the content of which changes regularly. New games have been added which I have carefully looked at.
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