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    Since the last time Tug of War-Lock House Rules was released during Most Feared, Madden 21 has once again released a new house rule, Double Trouble. Then came NAT 90OVR Wildcard Wednesday Player, S3 Trophies and mutcoinshttps://www.u4gm.com/madden-nfl-21-coins. Let us take a look at the specific situation together.

    Double Trouble House Rules
    Dubbed "Double Trouble", this House Rules event asks you to earn a lead of 14 points for the W.It's never simple with House Rules though, and this time is no different.You can gain two points for a 20 yard play, or for a TFL and INT.That means you can rack up points on defense too.The game starts at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, with three minutes on the clock and a 30-second play clock.Fortunately, you can just have the lead at the end of the game to earn a W too.
    House Rules rewards
    So what can you earn for all your wins? Well, as usual there are 300 coins on offer for each win and 100 for a loss, but there is plenty more too.At five and 10 wins you get four Get A Player packs.For 15 wins there are two Get A Gold packs, and at 20 wins you get a 1 Pro Fantasy Pack. For 25 wins there is a NAT 90 OVR Wildcard player fantasy pack. In that you can choose from any of the Veterans or Wildcard players that have been released. Which is great news for most Theme Teams!

    At 30 wins you get 45 Series 3 Trophies and 5,500 coins. For 35 wins its 45 more Trophies and another 7k coins, and finally at 40 wins its 45 Trophies and 10k coins.

    The above is an explanation of the house rules. Interested game players can enter the game for a more detailed understanding. If there are errors and incomplete details in the above content, please add and correct me.
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